CAVAMANIA will be drastically changing in 2014. I no longer like the set up here. a. I don’t like how my water marking is so drastically different per photo.  It’s tricky because you want your name on each photo but it also looks tacky to me in hindsight. b. The style of photos I want to be taking will be a little bit more outlandish and created worlds vs slice of life photos of what’s in front of me. c. I know it’s crazy sounding but this upcoming year I want to explore more self-portraits. I focused a ton on other people which is great because I love working with people and I find it necessary and I’m self-conscious of myself on camera. Now, because of exactly that I wanna explore myself more in front of the camera this upcoming year to better understand myself as well express some things visually. I think it’ll be good for me because I’ll more comfortable in front of the lens and I’ll be able to see what it’s like to model which will help me build solid relationships with the people I photograph. Lastly, a major vice of mine this year has been stressing over photography, I want it to be fun and loose. I don’t wanna stress or be behind on every project like I was this year. I have a feeling 2014 is going to be an excellent year for me photography wise.

To the new year!!!!